Innovative shelving system hits the American market Newton, NC (August 29, 2019): Wanzl North America announced on Thursday the release of wire tech 100, a retail shelving system designed for simple assembly, flexible arrangement that improves a customer’s “shopping experience”.

“This is a system specifically designed to blend into the background, ensuring that customers focus on what’s really important: the products,” says David Orfinik, Vice President at Wanzl North America. “And with a significant amount of presentation options, our wire tech 100 system can aid store owners by displaying products in the best light possible.”

In addition to the clean design and “boutique look,” a major benefit of the wire tech 100 system is the ability for any employee to assemble the shelving with ease in a matter of minutes, all without the need for tools.

According to Orfinik, all wire tech 100 systems are supplied with the new “Click” shelf and bracket feature which greatly reduces adjustment time and improves safety. The shelves are attached to the brackets by simply “clicking” them together, which eliminates the risk of components separating while being re-positioned. The shelf-bracket combination provides stability, strength and style and can be angled for optimum product presentation.

“With our wire tech 100 shelving line, store managers gain the ability to quickly and efficiently rearrange the sales floor to maximize sales,” says Orfinik. “The slim profile of the shelving allows for around thirteen percent additional sales space.”

wire tech 100 at a glance:
•   Combines elegance with simple practicality and “boutique look”
•   Cost-effective assembly without the need for tools Symmetry can be easily achieved even when shelves are loaded
•   Greater merchandise capacity

About Wanzl North America: Wanzl North America is North America’s leading manufacturer of shopping carts. In 2012, Wanzl North America joined the Wanzl family with the following goal: to enhance your customer’s shopping experience and, in turn, increase your growth and sales.