For over 40 years, French Company has enabled our clients to maintain peak performance of their rolling retail equipment and shopping carts, to extend the life of their equipment, and to lower their overall cost of ownership. Our exemplary history of working with Fortune 100 and 500 companies is just one reason we are a company you can trust. Our professional, nationally-based Field Technicians perform repair, maintenance and pressure cleaning services to minimize replacement costs and reduce the likelihood of injury. We work with our clients to tailor programs to the type of service and frequency required with many services implemented during off hours.

French Company understands preventative maintenance is not just about extending equipment life, saving money or ensuring safety. Ultimately, it means ensuring that your. Brand image is projected and that you provide a better overall shopping experience for your customers. Our clients trust us to deliver on this promise through our tailored service and information resources that connect critical facility data to centralized decision makers. For more information on our onsite maintenance programs and online information services please call us at 800.321.8875 and ask to speak with a Program Specialist.
Our FacilityConnect division provides a variety of facility solutions for companies that operate multiple locations over a geographically dispersed area. Our self-performing business model is based on providing the highest quality of value and service to retail store operators and companies that manage multiple buildings, locations and facilities.
Transforms the capture of facility data and photodocumentation. A powerful online information management tool with functionality that streamlines administration, provides real time information for budget planning and improves internal and external communication.