Every time a shopping cart is thrown away unnecessarily, it costs money and increases the impact on the environment. We can revamp tired looking carts to be ‘as new’. This allows others to enjoy the benefits of owning quality products at a lower cost while taking a further step to protect the environment.

The benefits for you are:

As an original equipment manufacturer, we know the products and the process better than anyone.

Due to our vertical integration, replacement components are readily available and ensure a quick turnaround time.

We utilize the same environmentally friendly
TECH-SEAL® finish on remanufactured carts to continue to protect your investment against corrosion.   

We make certain all carts meet their original design architecture and dimensional tolerances to ensure safety and longevity.

Our goal is to offer a one stop shop for new and refurbished carts thus providing a full service life cycle.

Wanzl North America stands behind every product we remanufacture with the best warranty in the industry.

The remanufacturing process is a giant leap in quality beyond standard refurbishing. Our process represents the very best in remanufacturing in the North America with the capacity to meet the highest volume requirements. And for complete peace of mind, all products are supplied with the same factory-backed warranty as a new cart.

THE REVIVE-A-CART PROCESS                 

1. Purpose of process

The purpose of the Revive-A-Cart process is to provide
    a cost effective alternative to new shopping carts and
    to comply with customer sustainability requirements by
    reusing steel shopping cart components and reclaiming
    and recycling all materials that are removed from a
    remanufactured shopping cart.

2. Process

New or remanufactured carts are delivered to a store. 

Used shopping carts are picked up and returned
    to Wanzl North America. 

Carts are unloaded and sorted by condition. 

All plastic components, including wheels will be removed
    from carts. 

Repairs will be made as required.

Coating will be removed from carts as required.

Carts will be coated with Wanzl North America’s TECH-SEAL® process.

Carts are assembled per customer specifications and per
    ASTM F2372 requirements.

3. Order Processing and Shipping

Remanufactured carts will be assigned a new part number
    which will identify they have been remanufactured.

The customer will place orders through the standard
    ordering process using the remanufactured part numbers.

Remanufactured carts will be shipped to a store, used
    carts will be picked up and the process will repeat itself.

4. Warranty

Remanufactured carts are supported by the same one
    year warranty as new carts.