The  RENAISSANCE® design advantage

The Interchangable One-Piece Basket
is exclusively attached without the use of rivets, a common area of failure on other plastic cart designs.

High Visibility Basket provides cashier with clear vision to all items in the basket thus reducing theft.

Contoured Basket

design reduces the collection
of moisture and dirt, reducing slip-and-fall potential and
provides the customer with
a clean shopping cart.

Unique Steel

Gate Design

eliminates gate from dislodging from basket.


front handle

Modular Design

allows for easy



Oval Tube Frame

Steel Components include Tech-Seal® finish

(three-year written warranty against the spread of corrision).

Steel frame and Components standard in Granite Tech-Seal® Finish

Fixed Lower Grill

eliminates chatter.


The Renaissance® cart was designed using the latest sophisticated computer technology to indentify stress points and simulate years of service.

Wanzl North America is known for the quality and durability of its products.  Wanzl North America has established itself as a leading expert in the field of injection molding.

Basket is molded of FDA-approved resin

Colored baskets available to meet your store
     decor requirements (see options below)

10 1/2″ nesting distance offers a better
     utilization of front end space

3 Logo Panels

For optional printing of I.D. or logo on the sides and front 8″ x 3 1/2″(203 x 83MM)  Print available in
one color only.

Bread Basket Insert & Cup Holder

Optional attachments that increase the functionality
of the cart

renaissance-cart-inside renaissance-cart renaissance-panel-front