COVID-19 Mobile Storage Solutions

In the United States, like the rest of the world, the novel coronavirus has caused the healthcare system to supplement in novel ways.

New Challenges in Healthcare Storage

Both traditional medical facilities (clinics, hospitals, etc.) and non-traditional medical facilities (field hospitals) are encountering new and significant challenges in the engagement with COVID-19.

Traditional facilities – Lack of Storage, Lack of Space

In traditional medical facilities, many of which were already at an 85%-90% occupancy rate prior to the outbreak, medical storage was already at full capacity. Now, with the additional measures surrounding the coronavirus, oftentimes there’s simply nowhere to put the bulk of additional materials needed and no additional square footage available to build out new shelving units.
Even the introduction of new mobile carts can come with a list of challenges, such as finding space to store the parts, finding a quality installer, and finding the time to assemble each cart correctly before putting it into use.

Non-traditional facilities – Need for Organization and Mobility

To compensate for overcrowding, field hospitals are popping up all over the country. As a result, there are new and significant challenges surrounding the continued storage of PPE, testing kits and equipment. These challenges include not only physical storage space, but also the ability to maneuver appropriate materials to where they are most needed at the time.

All facilities – Higher Risk of Theft

With upheaval in any system, there will inevitably arise a certain amount of “opportunism” (aka, stealing) around some of the more valuable or scarce items. Test kits, ventilators, PPE and high dollar patient consumables are all at risk of disappearing if not secured properly.


Many healthcare facilities are using two specific types of pre-built medical storage carts to help support the ever-changing scenarios on the frontline.

Sterile Storage Carts

Sterile storage carts utilize a nylon protective system with a clear front and Velcro closures to keep sterile materials secure. With established shelving space at such a premium, introducing dedicated sterile storage carts into the mix can help to assure that the materials that need to be separated from the general flow of traffic can have a protected, mobile location.

Secure Storage Carts

In times of scarcity, it’s crucial to keep your most valuable materials in as secure a location as possible given the circumstances. With the ongoing need for test kits, ventilators, PPE, and high-dollar consumables, secure storage carts provide everything needed to store securely with easy mobility.


A preassembled cart arrives at your door ready for action, eliminating the need for staging and installation and preventing additional garbage in a facility where space is already limited. This option also saves many labor-hours from being diverted to assembly that would otherwise be better spent elsewhere.

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