About Us

Wanzl North America is headquartered in Newton, NC, where our main production and distribution facility is located. We have additional distribution centers in North Las Vegas, NV, and Montreal, Canada. Wanzl North America products are available nationwide through a strong network of manufacturer’s representatives.

An extensive expansion of the product line contributed to the growth of the Company. Products such as shelving equipment for healthcare, grocery stores, material handling and various other products of wire and tubing provided new markets for the modern Wanzl North America. The superior design, innovation and quality of the Company’s products have allowed Wanzl North America to maintain its position as one of the leading shopping cart manufacturers in North America.

As of January 17, 2012, the Wanzl group acquired the Cari-All Group, which includes the brands Wanzl North America, Cari-All and Rondi, and together constitutes North America’s largest shopping cart manufacturer.

The Wanzl group, a 100 percent family owned company, is headquartered in Leipheim, Germany. Wanzl is the world’s largest manufacturer of shopping carts and other retail systems. For decades, the company has continued to develop landmark products for comfortable shopping and selling that have set new standards world-wide. Today, the Wanzl group has over 4,400 employees in eleven production facilities – in Germany, England, France, the Czech Republic, China and North America. Branches and agencies ensure the company’s close proximity to customers, a goal Wanzl has strived to meet since its founding.